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5.0 migration

Because boost is relatively stable (there has been no changes in months), this release is all about migrating to ESM, and updating dependencies.

All packages

  • Requires TypeScript v5 or greater.
  • Dropped Node.js v16 support. Now requires v18.12 and above.
  • Updated many dependencies to their latest major version.
  • Migrated all test utilities from Jest to Vitest.

Migrated to ECMAScript modules (.mjs)

We have finished our migration to modules, and all packages are now purely ESM, as we ship .mjs files and utilize module-based exports. The only exception to this is @boost/module, which still ships some .cjs files to support require() augmentation.

With the migration to ESM, we also see the following benefits:

  • Increased performance and reduced memory usage.
  • Packages are now easily tree-shakeable.
  • They utilize more modern features and syntax.

Package test utilities are now async

Some test utilities in the /test entry point for individual packages have been updated to be async. This includes functions like mockDebugger and mockLogger. This change was made to support the new Vitest testing framework.


  • Migrated from resolve to enhanced-resolve for PathResolver. This is to support package.json exports. We currently support the import, require, and node conditions.


  • Loading of .js, .cjs, and .mjs files now utilizes dynamic import() instead of require(). The configuration must also be the default export.


  • Upgraded to and now requires React v18.
  • Upgraded to and now requires Ink v4. Now uses a WASM based Yoga engine.


  • Migrate to the new Node.js hooks API, from the old loader API. Because of this, imports were changed:
    • @boost/module/loader.mjs -> @boost/module/register (registers all hooks)
    • @boost/module/loader/typescript.mjs -> @boost/module/hook-typescript (the TypeScript hook itself)


  • Updated the Loader to use dynamic import() for loading modules, instead of our requireModule function from @boost/module. This is to support both CJS and ESM files.


  • Migrated from Jest to Vitest.
  • Removed the copyFixtureToMock function.


  • Updated createTranslator to be async.
  • Added support for .cjs and .mjs files for translation resources.