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A collection of type-safe cross-platform ESM packages for building robust server-side and client-side applications, packages, and tooling.


  • args - Command line argument parsing and formatting.
  • cli - Command line program builder that renders with React and Ink.
  • common - Common utilities for all packages.
  • config - Configuration and ignore file loading.
  • debug - Debugging and crash reporting.
  • decorators - Experimental decorators for common patterns.
  • event - Sync or async based event emitters.
  • log - Low-level system logging.
  • module - Import custom file types at runtime.
  • pipeline - Serial or parallel based data pipelines.
  • plugin - Plugin module registries and loading.
  • terminal - Terminal/console utilities.
  • translate - Low-level file based message translations.


  • Linux, OSX, Windows
  • Node.js v18.12+ (for backend and tooling)
  • Edge, Chrome, Firefox (for frontend)
  • ESM only


Each Boost package is usable in one or many of the following environments. Each supported environment is denoted with a badge under the package's documentation.

  • Backend - Package is usable on the backend/server-side using Node.js.
  • Frontend - Package is usable on the frontend/client-side using a web browser.
  • Tooling - Package is usable within a command line application or an npm module/package.