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A collection of type-safe cross-platform packages for building robust server-side and client-side applications, packages, and tooling.

💻 Cross-platform

Whether on MacOS, Windows, or Linux, take confidence in your code running on any and all platforms.

🔬 Type-safe

With the power of TypeScript, we provide a strict, type-safe, and ergonomic API for a better developer experience.

🔀 Async-first

Engineered all APIs and abstractions to be async-first for maximum performance, efficiency, and portability.

📦 Low dependency

In an effort to reduce lock file churn, large dependency graphs, and unexpected vulnerabilities, we only include a dependency when absolutely necessary.

⚙️ Convention & configuration

Designed to offer the perfect blend of convention (we provide consistency) and configuration (you customize for each integration) based patterns.

🚀 Environment agnostic

Utilize Boost in both server-side and client-side environments -- web applications, command line programs, developer tooling, packages, and more.